Linked to our Easter theme today we had a visit from Roger Rabbit. He belongs to Roxanne and she agreed to bring him in to meet the children. One of our children has been asking his parents to get a rabbit so we thought it would be a nice experience for him. All of our parents were asked that it was ok for us to stroke him before we met him.

We all had to be very quiet so that we didn’t frighten Roger and we talked first about this and how we needed to be very gentle when we stroked him. Roxanne told us how she looks after him and what he likes to eat. At snack time we gave him some cucumber

When he came out of his big cage he was little bit nervous and we could see him shaking so Roxanne kept hold of him and gave him lots of cuddles. We talked about how he had long ears and a pink nose that he kept twitching and his lovely soft fur. We took turns to stroke him. After we had stroked him we had to wash our hands and use the antibacterial gel to make sure we had no germs on our hands.

We made a little enclosure for him so he could have a little run around and we could watch him. He liked to sniff things and did little hops around the space. We enjoyed watching him but we did get a little bit excited and noisy.

Later in the session we had been trying to jump like bunnies. We got Roger back out again so that we could watch him jumping more carefully. He uses his long back legs to push him into the air. We only saw him do little hops though.

We finished the session singing some rabbit songs like “little Peter Rabbit’ and ‘See the little bunnies sleeping’.