We have had lots of excitement this week as we released our butterflies. We received our caterpillars from Insect Lore a few weeks ago. We put them all into their own individual cups with some food and then we watched them grow. Over the next few weeks they doubled in size. We watched them as they moved around their containers and looked at all of their legs. We loved how they moved and thought they were very clever when they could hang from the top of their containers.

Investigating our caterpillars
Checking on our caterpillars

Some of the children enjoyed having the caterpillars on their hands and watching how they moved up close.

Once the caterpillars had fully grown they attached themselves to the lids of the containers and formed a cocoon. They were in their cocoons for a few days before they hatched out as butterflies. The children were mesmerized as to how the caterpillars had turned into butterflies.

We had to put fruit into the nets along with sugar water to feed them so they could build their strength up. We could see them getting stronger each day as they began to fly around the net more and more.

At last it was time to release the butterflies. They were really tame and the butterflies sat on the children’s hands for ages. Eventually they flew away. The information says that often the butterflies return to the gardens where they were released. We all hope that they come back to visit us next year.

Watching the caterpillars changing into butterflies has been a wonderful experience for the children. It has given them the opportunity to notice the changes in the animals and learn how to take care of them. This term we have also had tadpoles and watched them as they have changed into frogs. Although we couldn’t hatch any eggs Penny brought some chickens from her Dad’s garden to show the children. It’s been a busy half term of growing.

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