All children must be allocated a Key Worker whilst they attend the setting. It is our policy to do this once the child has had time to settle in before we do this. Key workers are allocated based on the group the children will be working on for activities.  As a result their key worker may change throughout their time with us. We will keep you updated of this. We will tell you who your child’s key worker is through our online learning journal, Tapestry. 

What is a key worker?

A key worker is a named member of staff who will be responsible for your child. They will help to settle your child into the setting. They are also responsible for tracking your child’s progress through observations, assessment and setting targets. They will design activities to help your child develop to the best of their ability whilst they are with us.

Although all of our staff deal with all of the children and get to know them it is the role of the key worker to really understand the children in their care. They should be your first point of contact for sharing any information or raising any concerns. They are here to help.

Please feel free to speak to your child’s key worker about any issues to do with your child. If you would like to have a discussion with your child’s key worker please wait until the end of the session when they will have more time to speak to you.