Last week saw us enjoying all things super hero! Many of the children had been showing an interest in super heroes bringing their toys from home and using them in their play during the sessions so we decided to dedicate a whole week to the topic. Children were invited to come dressed up in their favourite super hero costumes. We had Ironman to Elsa and everything in between!

One of our first tasks was to make our super hero den. We started by painting it in super hero colours and then later in the week we added pictures of our favourite super heroes. We had lots of fun using the den, hiding from our enemies and playing with our friends.

During the week the adults helped us to create a chart to show which were our favourite super hero. We talked bout why we liked that particular super hero. Isaac said “Captain America is awesome” and Pippa liked Elsa “because she sings”. The super hero that the most of us liked the best were the minions from Despicable Me! On the wall next to our chart you will also see some of the pictures that we drew of our favourite super heroes.

One of the most popular activities was our ice escape challenge. Queen Elsa had frozen some of the super heroes in ice and we had to try and help them to escape. We used lots of different tools including tweezers to pick the ice up. We had magnifying glasses to look at the ice more closely and see if we could see any changes. It was great opportunity to talk about melting and freezing. Eventually all of the super heroes were freed!

Our sand challenge was just as fun. We had to use the metal detectors to hunt for the treasure hidden by the enemy. It was quite hard to find as it was buried really well  but the metal detectors beeped when they went near metal which made it easier to find the treasure. We had never used the metal detectors before so w had to learn how to use them. We found it pretty easy, maybe that was because of our super powers.

We had lots of fun making our very own super hero masks. We used various mark making equipment to decorate them and then we used them to disguise ourselves.

As part of our investigation and creative play we made super hero sounds with the musical instruments. We talked about what the heroes might sound like and then matched the instruments and sounds to the character. The Hulk was very loud so we made lots of banging sounds but Batman and Spiderman were both really quiet so needed only small sounds. Else had a tinkling nice that sounded like ice. Ironman was quite loud and Isaac used his own voice to make the sound of his jet boosters.

We had a fantastic Super Hero week. We did lots of investigating and creative activities and really enjoyed spending time outside pretending to fly and acting out super hero roles.