At Little Stars we are keen to promote healthy eating and healthy choices to our children. Our daily snacks consist of a variety of fruit and vegetables and the children can choose from milk or water to drink. We are always looking for new ways to interest the children in these healthy options and encourage them to learn more about how to be healthy and why it is important.

This week some of the children asked if they could play some games. We chose one of our favourites from the cupboard ‘Greedy Gorilla” Its an Orchard Toys game who make a wide range of excellent educational games. We have a large selection of their games and the children love playing them.

Greedy Gorilla is a simple bingo game where each child gets a place mat with various different foods on them which are healthy and contribute to a balanced diet. There are small cards to match the pictures on the cards which we put face down on the table. The children take it in turns to find the food on their plate but there are some extra ‘unhealthy option’ cards which if the children turn over they have to feed to the gorilla. When he’s fed he burps which always causes great amusement to the children and we all say “Excuse you!”.

The game is good for memory skills and turn taking as well but it allows us to focus on healthy food options talking about what the foods are (some children may not have seen some of the foods in the game), who has tasted them, who likes them and what food groups they are from. It’s lots of fun and promotes a wide range of discussions and vocabulary for the children. It’s definitely a firm favourite.

Following on from this we offered the children the opportunity to make their own vegetable wraps for snack time. They were given a wrap each and various filings were provided on the table for the children to choose from. We had cucumber, lettuce, cheese and carrot. The children had a really good time choosing the fillings and adding them to their wraps. Some of our more reluctant eaters even had a try!

What healthy snacks do your children enjoy at home and what interesting ways do you use to get them to eat more fruit and vegetables? We would love to hear your ideas so we can try them out too!