Today we had some very special visitors at Little Stars, the Fire Engine from the Spennymoor Fire Station. The crew very kindly brought along the engine so we could have a look at it and talk about what it did.

They let us have a sit in the back where they ride on the way to fires. We had a look at their equipment like their hats, trousers and boots. Some of the children even got a chance to sit in the drivers seat. We put on the lights and the sirens, they were very lot and made us jump!

Some of the children were a little unsure of the big fire engine so they watched from a distance with Nana Sas but listened to what the fire fighters had to say.

Then the boys and girls were allowed to have turn using the hose. They tried to knock the cone over with the water. It was tricky but some of them managed.

Thank you so much to the firefighters for coming to visit us. We had lots of fun and learned lots about fire engines and fire fighters. More photos are available in the gallery section.