This week we have been introducing the children to Remembrance day. We watched a short video about the reasons behind the day and why we all fall silent to honour those who have fought and died in wars across the world. We talked about people wearing poppies as a way of reminding themselves about these people and how they were heroes. This is a nice document to help explain the concept to children. T2-H-4542-Remembrance-Day-Large-Information-Poster-KS2

We painted our own poppies which we will be displaying in the pre school along with some photographs and some information about Remembrance Day

On Remembrance day itself, despite the rain,we took the children to the local cenotaph in Willington.

We reminded them about the reason we celebrate this special day and looked at the wreaths of poppies that had ben laid.

Braydon spotted one that someone he knew had laid on Sunday at the special Remembrance Service at the cenotaph. We took our picture with us too.

The children enjoyed the walk (or ride) to the cenotaph and were very well behaved. We enjoyed kicking the leaves along the way and we talked about Autumn and looked at the colours and shapes of the leaves as we went. We were also very lucky to spot a rainbow just as we arrived back at the centre.

Please come in and see our poppies on our Remembrance Day display in the setting. It will be going up at the beginning of next week.