Sorry for the delay in getting this out but things were a little hectic in our house over the Christmas break! Friday 18th December was Christmas party day at Little Stars. The children had a fantastic morning with magic tricks, balloons, food, games and presents. It was lots of fun!

We started the morning with a bit of dancing and we welcomed a very special visitor called Josh from ‘Joshy Washy’. He was here to do some tricks and entertain us for a little while. He did some magic tricks and made some brilliant things with balloons. He was very funny and we all laughed lots and lots. His magic tricks were amazing and even the grown ups couldn’t believe their eyes! He made flowers change colour, pictures disappear and sock get bigger and then he even made it snow in our classroom!

He made us laugh lots and lots.

We met his pet too!

After the magic show he made us all some fantastic balloons models.

He made some fantastic hats

Even I got one!

By now we were pretty hungry some we went for our party food.

And then we played some party games. This was pass the parcel.

In every layer there was a chocolate coin, yum yum!

Before we knew it Mammy’s and Daddy’s had come to get us. We got a present that Santa had left with the grown ups for us and took all of the Christmas things that we had made home. We all had lots of fun and went home excited for Santa coming!

We couldn’t have had our party without the money we raised from our raffle though so thank you to everyone who bought raffle tickets. We helped Kate to choose the winners by choosing a ticket from the box. Well done to everyone who one and thank you to everyone who donated prizes for us.

We hope all of our families had a fantastic christmas and new year and we would like to thank you for all of your support over the last term and look forward to lots more fun this term.

I would highly recommend Josh for any parties you are having. We have some of his leaflets in the nursery so if you would like one please ask a member of staff.