Last week saw us looking at staying safe when crossing the road. We talked about using the traffic lights to cross safely and what the red and green men meant. We also talked about using zebra crossings and crossing patrol wardens. We then talked about how to cross safely when none of these are available.

Our key rules are:

Stop at the curb (a little way back from the curb)

Think – Make sure it is a safe place to cross, not between parked cars

Look to see if there are any cars coming

Listen for any traffic

When our grown up says that it is safe we can cross but we must always hold a grown ups hand  and walk.

The children had lots of fun acting out being a ‘lollipop man/lady’ and stopping the traffic. We practiced walking across the road safely holding hands.

We also played lots of games using the red and green men to tell us when we had to stop and go and laos some traffic lights to tell us whether to run, walk or stop.

We had other toys out linked to cars and roads including our track and we used cars to make pictures in the paint.

The rules that we have taught the children are very important and we hope they will remember them while they are out and about with you. Why not ask them and see what they can remember and don’t forget they lead by example so make sure you follow the rules too!